Wednesday, May 16, 2012

(Opinion) Why Labour will Sweep Into Office

While there are concerns about labour leadership and the viability of  labour leader Ed Miliband, Labour look primed to take office in light of a highly unpopular conservative and liberal democratic coalition. if its not the drastic cuts, an uber sluggish economy, the constant climb downs on policy, political scandals then it must be the utter dislike of a coalition government that has lost the trust of the British public.

Labour have not been the most effective opposition party but have been good enough with the conservatives feeling the pinch from the phone hacking revelations and the public sentimment growing against the coalition. Labour have a healthy lead over the conservatives in most polls by 8-10 points, even Ed Milliband is starting to creep ahead of David Cameron in favourability.

Another trend that is starting to gain traction is labour point growth with regards to issues traditionally dominated by the conservatives.  Despite a serious wane in the last two years before the 2010 general election, voters have always trusted Labour with regards to pensions and the NHS, however labour have made gains with regards to law and order, gains that look set to increase with the conservatives pereceived to be out of touch especially during the relativley long period it took for the government to respond to the 2011 london riots. 

Another reason that Labour may sweep into office is the next election may mark a minor shift to the left as John Cruddas, a well established and well liked figure of the labour left, has been tasked with the responsibility of drafting labour policy. New Labour embraced the 'business is good' mantra and represented close links with tthe business community as they tried to get rid of the perception that labour weren't pro-business. This involved tough stances against unions (reminiscent of thatcher at times) and the dropping of clause four.

Despite Ed Milliband stated ambivilence towards being painted as a man of the labour left, not helped much by his father being a prominet marxist and beating his heavily tipped brother in the race for party leadership with the help of unions, this can definitley help as may appeal to a large sect of voters who at once dislike conservative polices and values.

In sum, Labour have a chance to sweep into office as the Coalation government suffers from a credibility 
(conservatives) and trust (liberal democrats) deficit that looks unllikely to be bridged anytime before the next general election and mark a clear transition of the era of New Labour.

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