Sunday, April 15, 2012

(Opinion) when austerity measures aren't such a bad idea

While most people would have sympathy for the howling and crying of business executives over government policies affecting their market, very few would join the pity party held by arm dealers over lack of government funding.
There are plenty arguments in favor of government spending on weapons research and development as Britain remains a leader in the arms industry with regards to innovation , few have any other justification other than national security.

All these howls of anguish coming from British defense companies seem to fly in the face of  the Prime ministers' (David Cameron) gallant promotion of the industry on his tours to the Middle East and  Asia with business execs from the UK's top defense firms. 

With there being more pressing concerns other than BAE systems profit margins, the money used for the development of new weapons could be used on other projects that involve not building weapons that'll make Tony Stark cry tears of joy. 

While it's almost certain that any funds not spared on the defense industries will not be used on  more noble endeavors, the coalition government seem to be continuing a positive trend since the end of the cold war of curbing Britain's military prowess as the post cold war political climate promised less likelihood of war. 

In sum, the austerity measures taken by the Coalition government does hurt the defense industries but this pain pales in comparison to the pain endured by many in British society in light of cuts to much needed public services.Politicans are accustomed to taking policy measures that affect sections in society who don't have syndicated journalists, pit-bull lawyers or high powered lobbyists on their Christmas card list never mind on speed dial, so, it does make it welcome change when Government policies affects those who do.        

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