Saturday, October 15, 2011

a very british resignation

Liam Fox, now former defence secretary, resigned from his position amidst a wave of media attention scrutinising the nature of his working  relationship with Adam Werrity, a close friend and best man at his wedding.  Concerns about their working relationship raised flags behind closed doors in government and in the media as Werrity's role as adviser to fox  despite him not being on the government's payroll and his presence at meetings between Fox and foreign dignitaries  . This scrutiny was the straw that broke the camel's back as reports in the media revealed details not only of  Werrity's past involvement in the defence industry but him receiving donations from players within it.

This story for many reasons is not unusual for conservatives as friends of conservative politicans seem to be career kryptonite.Even the Prime Minister still has some mud to wipe off his armani suit after the News of the World scandal with his hiring of former NOTW editor Andy Coulson, who under questioning from a parliamentary committe revealed he was prepared to break the law as long as he stayed within it, his ultra close association with Rebekah brooks, who lives just down the road  from the Prime Minister, and his attendance to parties held by her.

The conservative party do scandal better than it's competitors not only because it is still, despite recent attempts to play it down, a party of the rich, and by default, powerful. it still represents the interests of elites run by elites, funded by a large margin by elites and it's scandals are about elites. this not to say that conservatives are only supported by elites, after all, you cant win an election with 1 percent of adults of  voting age.

This scandal is only a scandal because Werrity honorable in the sense he gamed the system without taking  the system's money because straight-shooters like Werrity like to live on teat of industry not the state's, because , of course, it wouldn't be right. In sum, what should be heeded from this whole affair is... erm.... politicians should hire those low down dirty crooks who work for corporations on the teat of the state rather than who cares PLC rather than people like Werrity who set a shining example we all should follow    


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