Tuesday, October 16, 2012

(sports) Football: Trapattoni going nowhere

While TV pundits and football critics alike are predicting that republic of Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni will get his marching orders sooner rather than later and Irish bookmaker Paddy Power have suspend bets wagering an end to his tenure[1], it is highly likely Trapattoni will see out the rest of his contract due to the cost of getting rid him[2]. While results have been poor from euro 2012 onward, the 6-1 butchering at the hands of a talented and ruthless Germany (Its biggest home defeat to date)  seems to reveal all the problems that have plagued Trapattoni’s reign.   

Every time Germany found themselves in the final third of Ireland’s half of the pitch, they look dangerous, popping the ball about and making Ireland’s packed midfield chase shadows all game to no avail. In sharp contrast, every time  the Trapattoni side received the ball, they were rushed off the ball or forced to pass backwards all the way to the goalkeeper who predictably play it long up field to the hardworking but limited Stoke City striker Jonathan Walters.

The match followed the same pattern of all their matches in the Republic of Ireland’s disastrous Euro 2012 campaign where they were consummately outclassed by all their opponents. It has recently been quite apparent that republic of Ireland players have lost faith in Trapattoni and his staff as there has been public rifts between players and management  most notably Fulham’s Stephen Kelly reported clash with  Marco Tardelli, Trapattoni’s right hand man[3].

However, despite all the speculation over Trapattoni’s future, the Republic of Ireland still have good chance of qualify for the 2014 World Cup as they face opposition where results are possible. Trapattoni, in full knowledge of Ireland’s still decent chances of qualification has been as unflappable as ever stating his satisfaction of his achievements in running the Republic of Ireland national team and his job being about ‘pride’ despite his high salary.

In sum, while media pundits and football critics have sharpened their knives for Trapattoni in the face of a crushing defeat, Trapattoni will remain head coach of Republic of Ireland due the exorbitant cost associated with getting of rid of him and the fact that Ireland still have a good chance of qualifying for the 2014 world cup. However while it is almost certain Trapattoni will be shown the door if the Republic of Ireland do not qualify, it is quite clear the next man tasked with bringing success to the national team will have tough job in his hands as Ireland suffer from a quality and quantity problem among their current crop of players.

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