Friday, October 5, 2012

(Opinion) Afghanistan: despair would be a good thing

There is much to be said about Afghanistan, from its culture to its recent history of turmoil, grief, and political-economic dysfunction but what can't be said is that Afghanistan, for all the efforts of NATO and the UN, will come out from the other side, if such a side exists. What it would take to get Afghanistan on its feet would mean more blood and treasure for the occupying forces as Afghanistan has been on its knees for a long time.
From the British Empire, to the Soviets, and now the United States, Afghanistan has been in a state of constant conflict with foreign powers and local warlords all scrambling for their share of Afghanistan future with normal Afghans trying to survive the carnage in the middle. The violence in Afghanistan is still rampant, death prevalent, hope dimming and reality damning.

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