Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bad Ideas Supported by Great Minds

 Renowned Atheist Polemic Christopher Hitchens on the efficacy of the Afghanistan question.... 

While Chris Hitchens has a famous talent of chiding others for folly and false reasoning, Hitchens has given an audiovisual example of how sophistry is used for ends of power. the Afghanistan question will not be solved by US and it's coalition remaining in afghani lands as their presence in these lands are the source of the conflict. The occupation forces should take note of the Afghani people's well documented history of being inhospitable to the uninvited visitors proclaiming their good intention with acts that betray their rhetoric from the british empire onwards. The people 'who lose' in afghan people are afghans who have no interest in this war , that being afghans caught in crossfire between occupation forces and the Taliban. The Taliban will never lose this war as the Taliban have more power and influence in local and regional centers  than the US backed central government led by President Hamid Karzai, dubbed as the 'Mayor of Kabul', referencing the limits to which Karzai's authority extends. The attempts to establish 'freedom and democracy' in a country that has been an effective battlefield for the last 30 years (maybe longer) is not only seriously irrational but pointless in a nation defined by war. to call afghanistan a nation is a gross misunderstanding afghanistan cultural patchwork as there many socio-cultural leanings which affect the body politic as the relationship between cultural factions in afghanistan are tense at best. The pointlessness of attempts to build an effective democratic state in afghanistan were punctuated by the sorry excuse of a election held in 2009. The election almost immediately attracted numerous reports of corruption with the current incumbent regaining power for a further five years.In sum, the politics of invasion and national politics in afghanistan can only produce and reproduce the current state of events, the only sense of 'responsibility' the occupying forces have to the afghani people is not ensuring afghanistan becomes a simulacrum of  political norms found in the west. but a state free of occupation, western or otherwise.        

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